ANSUL System in Iowa – Function, Features, and Types

by | May 8, 2019 | Safety Equipment Supplies

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If you work in an environment that consists of ANSUL devices and systems, you may already have experience with the powerful fire quenching capabilities they provide. It is important to understand the benefits provided by an ANSUL system. Iowa businesses can benefit from the installation of these powerful systems in one important way – the highly effective and quick suppression of fires.

ANSUL System Function
ANSUL systems are so effective because they remove a crucial element fires rely on in order to flourish and expand. The elements that a fire requires in order to live on are fuel, heat, and oxygen. An effective ANSUL system eliminates the last element of the three – oxygen. Without oxygen, a fire cannot survive. These systems remove the oxygen from the mix and also lower the temperature of the fuel supplying the fire with power. Carbon dioxide is often the material used in the systems to suppress these conflagrations.

Various components comprise these systems, including alarms and heat and fire detectors. When a fire emergency occurs within the building, it is vitally important that all occupants of the structure are notified.

Before a fire has the chance to expand and potentially spread to additional areas causing injury and death to human life and more damage to property, ANSUL systems operate by means of an automatic fluid release configuration that disperses chemicals in order to quench the fire in its earlier stages.

Types of Systems
Class F ANSUL systems are often used in commercial kitchens. They disperse fire suppressing chemicals directly at particular elements highly susceptible to Class F fires, such as stoves and fry baskets. These systems can be used to quench other types of fires as well that threaten businesses not subjected to the particular threat of highly combustible materials. A fire extinguisher is a basic type of ANSUL system. Firefighters often use large-scale ANSUL systems when they go up against large fires.

For more information about how an ANSUL system may fit in perfectly for the protection of your employees and visitors as well as provide protection for your property and assets, contact a reliable an experienced fire protection company today.

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