The Proper Use of the CO2 Fire Extinguisher for Iowa Homes and Businesses

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Safety Equipment Supplies

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There are various fire extinguishers available in the market that can defeat particular types of conflagrations. Understanding which one is best used for a particular type of fire is important. Without understanding the proper application of a fire extinguisher, you may use the wrong device on the wrong fire. This can lead to disastrous results. Every office, home, and other type of building should be equipped with at least a single CO2 fire extinguisher. These fire extinguishers are equipped to put out electrical fires.

Operation of the CO2 Extinguisher
The gas used in a CO2 extinguisher is carbon dioxide. This is a nonconductive and noncorrosive gas that effectively clinches the very oxygen a fire requires two continue burning. These extinguishers hold CO2 in a high-pressure liquid state. Due to the fact that most homes and businesses in other structures have some form of electrical equipment and wiring, a CO2 is an essential device to have on hand. In addition to combating electrical fires, these extinguishers can also effectively quench fires that result from the ignition of flammable liquids.

Proper Use of the CO2 Extinguisher
There is a proper way to use a CO2 fire extinguisher to ensure optimum results. First of all, it is necessary to plot the safety pin. After this simply direct the nozzle at the base of the conflagration. Then, squeeze the lever gently to dispense the CO2 gas. Continue spraying the gas with the sweeping side to side motion to effectively extinguish the flames if the flames reignite, repeat this spring motion as long as required.

Proper CO2 Extinguisher Maintenance
It is necessary to properly care for and maintain your CO2 extinguisher to prevent it from becoming ineffective or damaged. Securing the unit in an extinguisher cabinet is an effective way to prevent it from becoming compromised or damaged. The cabinet should have easy accessibility as well as visibility to any person who at any point may need to use the extinguisher.

Having a routine inspection performed on your CO2 fire extinguisher is important. This inspection may occur on a yearly basis or when an inspector visits your location. Have your extinguisher checked immediately by a fire protection company if you notice any flaw in the device or the way in which it functions.

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