Know Your Options When It Comes to Pediatric Emergency Care

by | May 8, 2019 | Health

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When you have an infant or toddler who suddenly becomes injured or falls ill, you have to make a quick decision about what to do. There are several medical care options available when you need pediatric emergency care in North Charleston, SC. You can choose to visit your regular pediatrician, head to the emergency room, or find a local urgent care clinic that can see you quickly. We’ll look at what your best option is depending on your situation.

Why Consider Your Normal Pediatrician

Many people mistakenly assume that their traditional pediatrician will be too busy and unavailable to take care of their child in an emergency. While this may be true in some cases, it isn’t the case in every scenario. Most physicians are available around the clock to answer the phone, which is a good place to start when considering your options. Many of them also keep slots open for situations where a child needs care in an urgent manner.

When to Visit the Emergency Room

Of course, the severity of the health problem also matters when it comes to making your decision. If your child is in a life-threatening scenario and there is a risk of serious injury or death if you do not see a doctor immediately, you want to skip everything else and head to the emergency room. These facilities are made to handle this type of situation. You will be brought to a doctor as soon as possible if the situation is serious so your child can receive the care they need. Some of the situations that necessitate this include heavy bleeding, difficulty breathing, severe burns, deep wounds, and broken bones.

The Urgent Care

If you cannot reach your pediatrician and the situation is not to the point where the emergency room is required, urgent care may be the best option you have. These facilities are typically open later hours and can take care of your child with mild and moderate injuries and illness.

If you need pediatric emergency care in North Charleston, SC, one of the best places to turn is Palmetto Pediatrics. We offer urgent care coverage for things like minor fractures and lacerations that do not require the emergency room. To learn more about us and get in touch with our office, you can visit

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