Why Would you Choose Window Film Solutions

by | Nov 22, 2011 | Home And Garden

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Most events of trespassing and burglary are believed to occur through windows. Without proper insulation,  and protective film covers on the glass panes, the room would heat up intensively during summer and what is more, people inside the room would be exposed to the harmful UV rays that accompany sunlight. If you think   using air conditioning machines as well as hanging heavy curtains from inside would help you in this regard, you’re certainly mistaken. Running a HVAC unit will only add extra costs to your energy bills. However, you can cut down the cost considerably by installing window films.

Window films are essentially thin polyester films that are pasted/mounted on glass panes. It serves the dual purpose of adding to your room décor as well as helps to keep the space shielded from harmful UV rays. According to a survey, houseowners without window films installed on their windows pay an extra 40% on their energy bills, due to more electricity consumption resulting from extended usage of electrical applicances like air conditioners.

In recent times, usage of window films has become quite popular in both residential and commercial buildings. For best results, the installation needs to be done perfectly; that’s why you would need professional services to  carry out proper installation of window films. Reputed installers and service providers guide users about  designer films that are available and help them with selecting the perfect type to suit their needs. A reputed window film solutions provider would offer a free assessment service.

A service technician would visit your place and conduct a thorough survey of your place, measure the windows with a tape and note down the specifications. You can also specify the type of window film you would want to install on your window pane. Designer film prints resembling acid-etched motifs, sand-blast designs as well as classic ‘solid’ look are among the most popular ones. Depending on your specifications and the area required to be covered, the service personnel would rovide you with an estimate. You can either opt for their service or else look for a better quote. The choice is yours!

Window films are comparatively easier to install than to maintain. In most cases while opting for window film solutions, people seek ‘expert opinion’ and guidance. Maintenance of window films is very important; an improper way of cleaning can harm the texture of the polyester film. If you seek professional guidance regarding maintenance of window films, look for a reputed and experienced service provider.


While searching for an efficient window film solutions provider, houseowners and companies alike should get in touch with Access Protection Solutions. They are ‘window film specialists’ offering optimum safety, security, comfort, and privacy with their superior range of products and services.

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