Keep Your Companys Cloud Safe and Protected with Log Management Software

by | Nov 24, 2011 | Computer And Internet

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Cloud computing has been taking the technology realm by storm in recent years. This is because cloud computing has finally made sharing, storing and access programs, data and computing systems a breeze. Cloud computing is a service that stores data and information over an expansive electronic network and multiple users can log on and access all of their information remotely, no mater where they are located. Cloud computing is not a hosting service, it is a much more sophisticated type of program. Cloud computing systems can be public or private. There are numerous ways to set up and access cloud computing systems and one of the more distinguished systems for large and small companies to use cloud computing is a system known as CloudAccess.

CloudAccess was created to be a secure and comprehensive cloud computing system that is perfect for both small companies and large organizations. There are many features of CloudAccess that appeals to companies. One big appeal of CloudAccess is that the system is extremely well protected and has impressive security features. One of the most notable features available to users with CloudAccess is the CloudAccess Log Management system. This system is an impressive turnkey solution that is designed to seamlessly work with SIEM to help store and manage event data within the cloud. With the log management system there is no cutting corners. This system has everything a company needs to ensure their data is safe and protected, it even features military-grad data destruction so users know that they are keeping their records safe and in accordance with government policies. The log management system can also manage all of the data store within the cloud over virtually any span of time.

There are endless features associated with CloudAccess’s log management software program. Some of the most notable features of log management is that the feature can store raw log data in a forensically-secure manner, and also features digital signatures that make sure the data entered into the cloud come out the exact same way they came in. There are also things such as encrypted transport which helps keep log data safe as well as a 10:1 Compression that helps companies save valuable space and have as much space as possible for storage.

Using log management software ensures that companies can rest assured that government requirements are met, meaning companies can focus on other areas of their business. WIth the log management software users can enjoy full forensic lifecycle management from collection to storage and even destruction. Also everything is digitally signed and time-stamped with the log management software feature of CloudAccess. When it comes to keeping data safe and protected, there is no more comprehensive method than the log management software with CloudAccess.

CloudAccess log management system is an impressive turnkey solution that is designed to seamlessly work with SIEM to help store and manage event data within the cloud.

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