Why Should I See an Otolaryngologist in Waterford, MI? Apr06


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Why Should I See an Otolaryngologist in Waterford, MI?

An otolaryngologist in Waterford, MI specializes in treating symptoms and diseases associated with the ears, nose, and throat. An otolaryngologist is also called an otolaryngology-head or an ENT (ears, nose, and throat) specialist. ENTs such as Eric F. Succar, M.D. are trained in both medicine and surgery. There are a variety of reasons why you may need to see an ENT, such as ear injuries or impairments, sinus infections, and TMJ (lock jaw) discomfort.

Are Primary Care Physicians the Same Thing?

Do you constantly suffer from sinus or ear infections? Have you experienced hoarseness in your voice or throat for over a month? Although an otolaryngologist in Waterford, MI can treat common disorders such as allergies and ear infections, you may think it is necessary to see a specialist. Many primary care physicians can help treat your symptoms.

However, when the issue does not subside or subsides and constantly reappears, it may be time for you to seek out treatment from an otolaryngologist in Waterford, MI. Primary care physicians are not specialized in ear, nose, and throat medicine. Although they provide general knowledge and patient care, they will refer you to an ENT in more severe cases.

Will Treatment Hurt?

An ENT will first assess and diagnose your condition. Some treatments are invasive and require surgery. You will be numbed during surgery, but it can cause significant discomfort post-surgery. For example, if you suffer from recurrent tonsillitis, an ENT may suggest your tonsils be removed. It will take time for this open wound to heal. An ENT will provide specific postoperative instructions to comfort you.

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