Should A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Be Filed Advice From A Wrongful Death Lawyer in West Palm Beach FL

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Lawyers

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If a person dies in an accident they didn’t cause, then their death may be ruled as wrongful death. This means that another person caused the death through reckless behavior or negligence. If a wrongful death takes place, then the family members of the victim can hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer in West Palm Beach FL and file a lawsuit.

The lawsuit will allow the family members of the deceased person to seek monetary compensation for the loss they suffered. The compensation is designed to cover several types of economic damages that family members suffer when a person dies. The particular damages that can be sought depend on the position of the victim in their family and the relative that is seeking the compensation.

Who Can Seek Wrongful Death Compensation?

Any person who was dependent on the victim can seek monetary damages with a wrongful death claim. A Wrongful Death Lawyer in West Palm Beach FL can provide more information on this but, generally, the following people can file this lawsuit.

• The spouse of the victim

• The children of the victim

• The parents of the victim

• Any other person who was named in the will of the victim or who can prove they were dependent on the victim.

What Type of Damages Are Typically Awarded in a Wrongful Death Case?

There are several different types of damages that can be sought in a wrongful death case. These damages are listed here.

• Compensation for all related medical expenses

• Compensation for the related funeral expenses

• Any emotional distress that the family experiences

• The projected loss of income due to the victim’s death

• The loss of the victim’s estate

While it is not required by law to have an attorney to help with seeking compensation, the laws can be quite complex. As a result, it is best to hire legal representation to ensure the desired results are achieved.

When a family loses a loved one due to negligence or recklessness, it can be devastating. If more information is needed about hiring a wrongful death attorney, they can contact the staff at Janssen, Siracusa & Keegan PLLC.

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