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What to Know About Mold Removal in Atlanta, GA

Mold is a natural substance, and it can be problematic in your house. Black mold in particular poses a health risk to people living in the house. Companies that provide mold removal in Atlanta, GA, are able to take care of mold problems. You can move furniture out of the way, take your pets out of the rooms where you have mold, and the company can get to work.

How to Choose the Best Mold Removal Company

When you are looking for the best mold removal in Atlanta, GA, you need to work with one such as 1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC. They have extensive experience and are licensed in mold remediation. They should be up-to-date in their training, and they should offer competitive pricing. Make sure that they are professional and courteous, and they should have a plan for mold removal. They will arrive, remove and dispose of damaged items, including fabric covered furniture, clothing, drywall, and carpeting.

How They Remove the Mold

Although every mold removal in Atlanta, GA is slightly different, once the company removes and disposes of damaged items, they will spray down the mold area with biocide. They will give the biocide time to kill the mold and dry, and then they will return to encapsulate the area. This ensures that the mold is gone and cannot return. Once the surfaces are dry, they will look for the source of the mold so that you can address it. You can fix the issue and the mold will be unable to return.

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