Safety Tips to Follow During Mold Cleanup in Texas

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Environmental Consultant

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Mold is a real threat to our homes as it adversely impacts the home’s structural integrity. In addition, the spores can get into our nasal cavity, which leads to respiratory issues, including asthma and shortness of breath. For this reason, when you have hired the mold cleanup in Texas, you need to follow some safety tips to ensure you don’t inhale the spores or toxins. Some safety tips are discussed below.


While 1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC, is cleaning your space, it is important that you isolate yourself in a clean room. On the other hand, if your entire space is covered with mold, you need to vacate the premises right away.

Wear PPE

If you have to be in the affected area, you must wear personal protective equipment. Some of the personal protective equipment includes a PPE suit, face mask, face shield, and gloves. Also, don’t take off the PPE when you are in a contaminated area.

Don’t Touch Anything

When you are in a contaminated area, don’t touch anything with your bare hands. This is because mold can cause allergic reactions, which can be pretty harmful.

Don’t Paint

In most cases, whenever someone sees black spots in some parts of the house, they simply apply a layer of paint to cover it up. However, you must not make this mistake because it only leads to more spreading. Having said that, always get the mold cleaned up from professional mold cleanup in Texas before you paint the home.

Don’t Use HVAC

While the mold removal team is working on your home, don’t run the HVAC system because it is mostly the hub of mold spores. Also, always let the professionals handle the HVAC system as they have specialized tools to suck out the spores without making them disperse in the air./home/aarti/Desktop/my work/All clients floder/ Article/2022/Feb 2022

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