What To Expect from An Urgent Care Clinic Dec09


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What To Expect from An Urgent Care Clinic

What Are Some of the Services That A Patient Can Expect from An Urgent Care Clinic?

Urgent Care is designed for treating minor illnesses & injuries. Urgent care clinics usually have longer and later hours than most doctor’s offices, allowing them to take care of patients when a Primary Care Physician isn’t available. An urgent care clinic can typically treat both adults and children.

When Should I Go to an Urgent Care Clinic?

Patients should go to an urgent care clinic when they have a minor injury or illness that needs to be treated outside of normal doctor’s office hours. Examples of conditions treated at an urgent care clinic include the following:

• Sprains
• Fractures
• Lacerations (Superficial)
• Minor burns
• Dislocations (Minor)
• Upper respiratory infections
• Allergies and rashes

Often, an urgent care clinic will also provide services such as X-rays, stitches, splints, vaccinations, and physicals.

What Is Occupational Medicine?

Occupational medicine describes a broad range of services designed to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness and injury in workers. It can include the following:

• Drug tests
• Vaccinations
• Lipid Panel (cholesterol test)
• DOT Physicals
• Hearing & Vision Tests
• Electrocardiogram

Are Urgent Cares Autism Friendly?

Autism-Friendly Care is an initiative to make the medical experience less overwhelming and intimidating for patients with autism. A common developmental disorder, Autism affects a patient’s sensory perceptions, as well as his social and communication skills. A spectrum disorder with a large range of severity, doctors at these clinics have received training in helping patients with autism.

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