Certain Signs Will Indicate When Your Car Needs a Fuel Injector Replacement

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Automotive

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Have you noticed that your car hasn’t been running correctly due to engine misfires or a decrease in acceleration? Your automobile may require a fuel injector replacement to fix an injector that’s gone bad.

What Provides Fuel Injection?

Fuel injectors play a key role in delivering fuel to the engine in your automobile. When the cylinders go up and down in the engine, fuel is ignited and waste gases are pushed out of your exhaust system. If the fuel injectors get clogged, they won’t be able to push enough fuel into the area where each cylinder goes up and down, which is important if you want your car to move forward or backward. Without the proper pressure, you may feel your car “knocking,” which can indicate there is a lack of fuel getting ignited.

Signs of Failing Fuel Injectors

When your automobile requires a fuel injector replacement, a few important signs will occur. You’ll notice that your acceleration isn’t as powerful as it should be or a check engine light may turn on. Also, you might smell fuel due to an injector that’s leaking at the seal or nozzle. This automobile part operates at high pressure. If there’s a leak, fuel will be allowed to escape, which will affect your engine’s performance and fuel efficiency.

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