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What To Consider When Purchasing Ladies Golf Wear

What should I wear while playing a game of golf? This is the eternal question every woman golfer faces when trying to pick out clothes and assemble a wardrobe of clothes to wear on the field. Here are some things to consider when you purchase ladies golf wear.

Consider Comfort

It is absolutely essential to make sure that the clothes you purchase fit right and are comfortable. This is the case always, but especially for clothes you are to wear while playing a sport, and even more so when buying clothes to wear while playing golf. Ladies golf wear should be neither too loose nor too tight. If clothes are too loose, they can get in your way, while if they are too tight, they can be uncomfortable and restrict your movement and flexibility.

But size and fit are not the only aspects of comfort in golf wear. Make sure that you purchase a variety of clothes in accordance with the wide variety of weather conditions you are likely to experience while out on the field. Because golf is an outdoor sport, this is especially important. You want to be able to concentrate on your game. If you are shivering in the cold or sweating in the heat, you are less likely to be thinking about how you can make an ace.

Consider Top Wear

What you choose to wear on top of your ladies golf wear ensemble has a great affect on your power in making swings and your subtlety in making putts. Tees, polos, and collared shirts are comfortable options.

Consider Bottom Wear

Pants, shorts, and skorts are the three most popular options for golf bottom wear and for different reasons unique to each option. Skorts are a more feminine option than shorts, because they give the illusion of looking like a regular skirt. In actuality, skorts are really just a pair of shorts with a flap or entire skirt sewn over them to cover them.

As is the case with top wear, make sure that your bottom wear is comfortable. Even though golf looks like a stationary game, it is actually very important to make sure that your legs are comfortable, since golf involves a lot of standing, specific, strategic stances for putting and swinging, and not to mention all that walking around the field chasing after rogue and stray balls.

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