You Suspect That The House Cleaning Seattle Staff You Hired Are Stealing – What Should You Do?

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Home And Garden, Home Improvement

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It is not often, but it happens. Sometimes, the hired house cleaning Seattle staff steals things from the homes they service. When you suspect that there is such a breach of trust, you need to take immediate remedial steps:

1. Take Measures To Ensure The Safety Of Your Property

The first thing you need to do is to keep everything that can be stolen (of value) locked away. If you cannot do this, ensure that there is someone present at all times when the suspected staff is protected. This is a step you need to do before you report the matter to the concerned house cleaning Seattle agency. Be very sensitive about the matter, for if you are not correct such a report would destroy the career – and reputation – of the person concerned.

2. Verify That The Theft Really Took Place

Sometimes some person in your family might have taken the money, or item you thing has been stolen. Sometimes, you might have just misplaced it. Ask your family members about the missing item or money. Ensure that you have no reason to doubt your own family members for the said theft.

3. Get Proof Of the Theft

In case you still suspect theft, it is time that you gather proof about it. Lay a trap and hide a camera in the areas where the cleaning staff has access. The easiest way is to keep some money lying around on the table or on the floor and catch the person on camera. For the charges to stick you may repeat the trap with more money or small valuable items so all doubt about the stealing be eliminated.

4. Report The Theft

Take appropriate action. Do not confront the staff yourself. The person might become violent and harm you and/ or might disappear and you will lose all chances to recover the stolen items. Take the proof you have and either go to the house cleaning Seattle area agency you have hired to report the theft or directly to the police.

File An Insurance Claim

If you chose the house cleaning Seattle agency right, it would be bonded and insured. Hence, even if you do not recover the stolen items from the thief, you would be able to recover full or in part the value of the stolen items/ money.

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