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What constitutes a luxury home?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is the definition of luxury. The definition of Austin luxury homes has as much to do with an individual’s perspective as it does with opulence. For some, their home’s location exudes luxury whereas for others it may be the architectural significance. As is so often said, “One man’s home is another man’s castle.”

In the context of homes it may be easier to define what luxury is not rather than what it is. One thing it rarely is, is a home that comes from a cookie cutter. There are many tract subdivisions, and although some of the homes are well appointed, they will invariably lack in presence, location, and architectural originality without a doubt.

In many affluent American communities, new subdivisions abound with homes upwards of 5,000 square feet. Even though the prices can easily be in the seven figure range, do crown moldings and granite work surfaces really put them in the luxury category? It seems that no sooner has the definition of luxury been nailed down that something new comes along to change that.

Certainly a luxury home will have a luxury price tag, but that is not necessarily the sole component. Those in the know suggest that location is the key element, followed closely by:

Architectural detailing
Interior décor
Decadent facilities
Landscaped grounds
Entertainment facilities

There are a host of other details, often small, that make a home stand out from the crowd. A super-sized mansion is not a luxury home until and unless it has the demanded extras, a superior location, and even a view. How about an expensive beachside house in Malibu, architecturally out of date, full of tacky furnishings; in many people’s eyes, this is the definition of luxury. A well maintained period home, even though it may be in the city center, can easily be considered a luxury residence.

After all this has been said, today is different for most families. It is not as easy to change homes, lenders are more wary to loan money, and with the country being in dire financial straits, people are redefining luxury again.

People are starting to realize that they should live for themselves, not others. Certainly it would be nice to have a home like you see on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” but chances are, that is not going to happen. Modern families are content to consider their Austin luxury homes as a starting point to which they can add and improve. Kitchen and bath renovations or the addition of an entertainment area or home theater can easily turn any home into a luxury home.

Austin luxury homes are a combination of locale and construction. Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes have them both; please call today for a confidential conversation about your unique needs.

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