Fly-In Homes Offer Unique Opportunities for Homeowners

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Real Estate

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Lake houses are well known for the prospect of being able to own one’s own boat, which can be docked nearby, for convenient expeditions out onto the lake in order to satisfy various sporting and boating ambitions. A less common, but perhaps equally compelling opportunity is to custom build a home on a private air park, which is a residential neighborhood that features a private airstrip for take-offs and landing of personally owned planes.

Building one’s own custom home on a private landing strip is a luxury convenience that affords a great amount of privacy for pilots and flying enthusiasts who own their own planes. Being able to park the plane at home in a private hangar and taxi one’s aircraft to an airstrip for flight with minimal difficulties is for many people a dream come true. Fly-in homes in Texas makes this kind of vision possible, and includes communities with custom-built luxury homes that feature locations on well-known private air parks. Fly-in homes in Texas aviation communities provides homeowners the maximum convenience while ultimately saving money on storage.

Not all air parks are the same of course. John Travolta, for instance, is well-known for parking his private Boeing 707 in his own multimillion dollar luxury home hangar in the same way that people in more ordinary circumstances might park their cars. Living in an air park, however, does not require the status and wealth of a Hollywood actor. Many aviation communities are located in rural areas where conflicts  are easily avoided, while others feature specific custom-built luxury fly-in homes near Texas air parks.

Building a new custom home is an exciting prospect for most people, and being able to do so surrounding a personal passion is even better. New developments in Austin allow people to build custom-made fly-in homes in Texas that not only feature all the usual amenities – such as brand new modern appliances, personal preferences for style and design, efficient and aesthetically pleasing landscaping, as well as others – but also allows homeowners to freely pursue the passion for flight by integrating private aircraft into home life.

Other things that new homeowners may consider as they begin the process of planning to build is opportunities to build both aesthetically pleasing, functional and energy efficient homes, but also homes that fully integrate use and community living, including the housing and use of privately-owned aircraft. Other plane enthusiasts often also live in air parks even if they do not personally own a plane, which is also an exciting possibility for many people.

This spring, Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes of Lakeway Texas will begin sales in their much anticipated Lakeway Airpark Estates community. This luxury home community is unique in that seven of the eight homes to be built include an attached airplane hanger with direct access to the taxiway at the Lakeway Airpark (3R9), which is a residential community that features fly-in homes in Texas. The eighth home will be a custom design and will include a hanger space in one of the two developer owned “four plex” hangers. For more information, navigate online to

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