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What are Reprographics?

Reprographics is a complex sounding word for a simple concept. Reprographics are simply means to copy an image or document. It is different from a copy machine in that a copy machine only produces a facsimile of the image instead of trying to produce a reproduction. The reprographics industry is not particularly large in the United States considering the size of the US economy. Reprographics have specific uses different from what copy machines do. That’s why despite not being a huge market presence you can find companies that provide reprographic services in cities like Austin, TX.

The reason for this is that any city with a modern economy will need certain things reproduced in high detail and the machinery necessary for it can be expensive and thus not efficient for a small business owner to bother owning. However for a dedicated company serving many clients it can be important to offer as a service. It’s basically a form of outsourcing that most people don’t find objectionable, or don’t think of as outsourcing because the word is usually imagined to only refer to sending jobs overseas.

One of the more important uses of reprographics is for blue prints. You might not think of that because they would be easy to reproduce in grey scale, but they require a lot of fine and precise detail the type that is usually lost with a photo copier. It’s not the only use for reprographics but does provide a good glimpse into the difference between office copying and reprographics. If you just want a copy of a tax return for your archives you can get away with a copy machine if you’re trying to reproduce something where every detail and nuance of each line could be critically important then reprographics are needed.

However the rate at which they’re needed for an individual company would not be enough to justify having in house reprographics services. This is why despite its negative reputation and connotations outsourcing can be extremely important and useful. It’s understandable how someone could dislike outsourcing, for example you might not want that company in Austin sending so much business out of state because it should be serving the local community. At the same time it’s important that businesses run efficiently and that sometimes means outsourcing specific services because doing it in-house would be too expensive. That’s why despite the negative connotations you should actually celebrate a company that outsources these sorts of specific jobs especially if they manage to do so within the community. Isn’t it better for the community if the company stays in business to keep providing jobs and services?

Reprographics Austin – Miller Blueprinting an Austin based printing company. With the personnel and technology they can reproduce or create anything necessary for your business. They are the trusted resource for architects and real estate professionals in central Texas; maybe they should be your resource too for plotters, reprographics or anything else a printing company can provide. They can be reached online at http://www.millerblueprint.com/default.asp or contacted by phone at 800-512-3469.

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