Having Access and Visitation Rights May Mean Putting Your Child’s Wants & Needs Above Your Own

by | Sep 4, 2012 | Law And Politics

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Austin Visitation Lawyer

Austin Visitation Lawyer

Many times when a parent files a petition for divorce in an Austin court from the other parent of a child, there are assumptions made about who will have custody of the child, how visitation will work, and what holidays the child will spend with which parent. It is the rare case, however, when the actual settlement ends up looking exactly like what one or the other parent envisioned. In fact, such arrangements can become highly complicated and complex and it is important for each parent to have a lawyer who will serve as an advocate, especially if the struggle for visitation or custody rights should turn ugly.

On the best of days, even in a healthy and happy marriage, parents sometimes find it a struggle to put the needs of their children ahead of their own wants. In the middle of a divorce, especially a difficult divorce that ends up in an Austin courtroom, parents can become so consumed with the drama and emotion surrounding their own issues that they can forget about the importance of seeking what is best for their child. However, any parent that wants to have visitation rights or one who is seeking full custody needs to know that the court in not vested in their personal drama. Rather, the court is charged with determining what will be best for the child.

Because the court will be working from a very broad definition of the “child’s best interests” and will usually make decisions based on past precedents, it often happens that what gets decided when the decision is left to the courts leaves no one feeling particularly good about the outcome. The mother may be unhappy about the visitation times, the father may think that the distribution of holiday time is unfair, and the child may wonder why everyone can’t just get along and return to being one family.

However, when parents cannot reach an agreement about visitation on their own, the courts must operate in the best manner they can and try to ensure that the needs of the child are met. Your best bet if you want a say in how visitation and custody are handled is to provide your lawyer with the means to show that you put your child’s needs first from the very outset. Not only will that help your lawyer to get you what you want, but, it is what you should do for your child in the first place.

The Austin courts will operate by their best lights in settling custody and visitation arrangements. However, your lawyer will be able to assist you in securing a more favorable outcome if you will set aside selfish pursuits or the need to “get back at” the other parent and truly put the needs of your child first.

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