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Veterinary Services in Richmond, TX

A Veterinary Service in Richmond, just like a hospital for people, offers full services for our pet companions, from wellness checks and vaccinations to diagnostic services, radiology, dental services, many laboratory services, therapeutic services, surgery, and anesthesia. The difference between pet health care and human health care is that while we have to schedule appointments for ourselves with a variety of specialists in different locations, a single veterinarian typically provides all these services himself, out of one office.

If the veterinarian at the Veterinary Services Richmond recommends a prescription medication for your pet, he serves as the pharmacist, too. Now, there may be rare times when the required medication is something that your veterinarian doesn’t carry because it’s a drug that is normally prescribed for humans. If so, the veterinarian, just like a medical doctor, is licensed by the state to write you a prescription so you can go to your local pharmacy and get the prescription filled. Normally, you should never give human medication to your pet, and not give the pet any medication without talking with the veterinarian first.

If you have to board your pet, check with your Pet Clinic Mobile Alabama to see if they offer boarding. It may be particularly comforting for pet owners to know their own regular veterinarian is on site at the same location as their pet. If something goes wrong while you’re not there, you know there’s a veterinarian, trained staff, and all the necessary medical equipment right there and ready to go.

Other services you may find at your Veterinary Services Richmond are grooming services. If you don’t have a bathtub in your apartment, or if lifting your dog is difficult, or if your dog gets into a tangle with a skunk, you may be unable to bathe the dog at home, but you can bring your pet in to the clinic for a bath. Veterinary technicians can also handle nail trims, too, which can be tricky, especially on darker nails. Pet owners don’t have to worry about the staff qualifications if a veterinary technician will be handling the bathing, ear cleaning, and nail trims.

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