Why Invest in Training for Your Sales Team

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Business

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Regardless of how good your products are, people aren’t going to buy them if you can’t sell them and market them efficiently. Even the best salespeople require a little guidance and help, so it makes sense to consider training for the sales team. If you currently offer training when they first start, it may not be enough; many salespeople require ongoing training to help them work through plateaus and build their confidence, which allows them to sell more.

Talk the Talk

Your customers talk a particular way, and your salespeople often talk differently. They might talk about things using technical jargon or may try to steer the conversation to the features and benefits of the product before your customer is ready to hear it.

Instead, you should focus on teaching salespeople about actively listening; they listen to the complaints or concerns without doing anything else. When the customer pauses or asks a direct question, they can start talking about how those issues affect the customer, which ensures they have listened and understood the customer’s needs. Then, they can start talking about how your product can help with whatever the customer needs.

Best Practices

While most people focus primarily on selling, that’s not all that your team needs to know. There are right ways and wrong ways of doing anything, so it’s best that they learn the best practices of the company, as well as appropriate strategies. Ongoing training is essential because your team could start slipping over time. Plus, you can nip any bad habits before they become significant.

For example, if the prospect just doesn’t seem interested, your salesperson shouldn’t continue hounding them. After a while, they need to move on to the next customer; learning how to handle non-sales is just as important as learning how to close deals.

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