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Veterinarian Pleasant Hill

Your veterinarian Pleasant Hill will tell you that having to receive surgery is not pleasant for anyone, in this includes your animal. Your pet will be confused and concerned, unable to understand what is going on, and may become fearful. This means that the entire process can be traumatizing and difficult both for your pets and for you. Finding a veterinarian Pleasant Hill surgical center that is dedicated to offering compassionate and loving care to a pet prior to surgery is vital to giving you peace of mind knowing that your animal will get the care that he needs with as little stress and hassle as possible.

A veterinarian Pleasant Hill will also tell you that you can make a tremendous difference in how your pet’s surgical process goes. Pets are extremely receptive to the way that their owners feel, and if you are afraid or upset, your pet will know. Do everything that you can’t remain upbeat and positive in the time leading up to the surgery, and make sure that you leave your pet with a smile and a hug. Don’t let your pet know how fearful you are, but rather make an effort to help him feel at ease and positive.

Another way that you can make the entire process easier for your pet is to bring a special toy or loved item to the surgical center so that your pet has something familiar near him while waiting for his procedure, and while he is recovering. An item of clothing that smells like you or a familiar blanket can be particularly comforting. You want your pet to understand that he is safe, and that you will be back to get him. This will make the entire recovery process much easier.

Make sure that you discuss with your veterinarian Pleasant Hill your responsibilities for taking care of your animal when you return home. Make sure that you understand all of the different medications that he will take, the dosages and when he needs to take them. Also know if there any dietary or physical activity restrictions that are in place so that you can continue to provide the highest level of care possible to protect your animal and keep him on the road to a full and effective recovery.

The staff at Sun Valley Regional Animal Hospital understands how difficult it can be to bring in your beloved animal for surgical procedure. It is stressful and worrisome to know that you are handing over your pet for a difficult medical experience.

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