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Turn Your Unworn Jewelry into Cash for Gold

We all have those jewelry pieces that we just don’t wear anymore. Whether it was given to you by a former significant other you’d like to forget or it’s simply not in style anymore, there are a number of different reasons that these items can start collecting dust. Even though they don’t have value to YOU anymore, this doesn’t mean that they are totally worthless. If these items are made of gold, you could actually be missing out on a BIG payday by letting them sit around in your jewelry box. Wouldn’t you rather be getting paid?

All Shapes and Sizes
Many people wrongly assume that the only items you can exchange for cash for gold are rings, necklaces, and bracelets. You can actually pawn or sell a number of different items including watches, coins, and all types of high end jewelry. The bottom line is: as long as it’s made of gold, there’s a good chance that you’ll be paid top dollar for the item in question. These buyers will often also accept items made of silver, diamonds, and other gemstones, as well. Your options are certainly not limited!

Where to Go
You may not be aware of them, but there are online pawn shops that are ready and willing to give you cash for gold jwelery. By submitting your item to them for an initial estimate (just snap a picture, upload it and include a detailed description), you’ll be taking the first step necessary to getting that cash you could really use. Research a few different online pawn shops before choosing. Some will offer a “best rate guarantee” and will even match offers you’ve been given by other appraisers or buyers. This will ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck!

Spring Cleaning Done Right
So this year when you’re preparing to eliminate clutter from your life, make a few extra dollars in the process. There’s a good chance you’ll never wear those items again, so take advantage of cash for gold offers and put the money towards something great. Whether you choose to beef up your savings account, purchase something else you need, or pay off a bill or two, we could all use a little bit of extra money in our lives! By getting started today and using an online pawning service to sell your items, you’ll quickly discover why so many people are taking advantage of this convenient service.

UltraPawn is an online service that offers both pawning and selling options. They guarantee the best rate on your unwanted gold, silver, diamond, and gemstone jewelry.

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