Should I Create My Own Custom-Sized USB Flash Drive?

by | Feb 7, 2013 | Computer And Internet

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Practically every device that is invented is used by a select few at first, but soon it becomes an object of general use. This was the case with the computer itself, and now it has become true for the USB flash drive, which was first made in 1999. This ubiquitous device for data storage and transferal has now completely replaced the floppy disk drive that had been the standard form of storage for three decades. During the first ten years of their existence, too, USB drives have been improved so that they now have greater storage capacity than they did in the past.

The development of the flash drive has further ramifications. In general, people use drives that they have bought ready-made in stores. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to have custom flash drivesmade for oneself. This article will describe the pros and cons of such a pathway.

Why people have custom flash drives made

People often give custom-made flash drives as presents. But one of the more important reasons for having them made is as an advertising tool. Precisely because USB drives are so commonly used, they are an excellent way of making one’s brand more widely known.

Customization can be done in a variety of ways. The substance from which the drive is made—wood, metal or plastic—can say a great deal about the business, as can the shape in which it is made. A business that deals in flowers, for instance, might wish to have a drive made in the shape of a rose or a tulip. Color is also important—a gardening business. The drive may also have the company logo imprinted on it—it is common, in fact, for companies to distribute such drives to their employees.

Some of the reasons why companies have flash drives custom-made include:

* Customers can use them and frequently want them. They also tend to keep the same drive with them for many years.

* It can be an effective way of grabbing the attention of large numbers of people. There are currently hundreds of designs on the market.

Not only does the physical appearance of the drive itself project the company image, but press kits and other information on the business can be preloaded onto it.  * The device can even be used trigger the company website to “auto-run,” thus increasing the flow of traffic thereto.

* They are easy to afford—a single drive can cost as little as $3.95.

The costs of having the drive made

The expenses involved in having a custom flash drive should seldom be a problem, as they are not nearly as great as they once were. This is the case with technology in general—at first they tend to be rather expensive, but as the supply is increased to meet the demand and the cost of manufacture decreases, so does that of the product itself.

By whom should one have the drive made?

A custom flash drive should always be manufactured by a company that has an excellent track record of making and distributing them. Often it is possible to submit a scanned drawing of the design—which may be made with the aid of an online designer—that the person wants on his flash drive to the company’s website. The flash drive can then be made and delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep.

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