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Tips to Refinish Wood Floor Ocean City MD

Hardwood floors are considered to be the most durable types of flooring options, however, wood is susceptible to shallow scratches, stains and gouges. If you have any of these problems in your wood flooring, you may be considering the option to Refinish Wood Floor Ocean City MD. Refinishing is a great option instead of replacing the floors and when you hire a professional to do the work, in many situations the floors will look like new when the refinishing is completed.

When you contact Sea Floor Carpets, the contractor will initially inspect the floor to determine the type of wood it is and the extent of the damage. The floor will be sanded to remove stains and smooth out any scratches and gouges as well as prepare the wood for stain and/or a protective coating. The sanding is the most difficult part of the refinishing process, especially if there is a varnish on the wood.

Once the sanding is completed, the contractor will assess the wood again to determine if there are any deep scratches or gouges that should be filled in. Any areas that are filled in, will be re-sanded. The floor will then be cleaned and a protective finish applied. It typically takes about three days to complete the refinishing project when a professional contractor is doing the work. If you are planning on doing the refinishing yourself, it is important to take the appropriate steps and not rush the work.

You will need a professional strength floor sander to complete the task, which can usually be rented if you do not own a sander or do not want to buy one. Make sure you have all items you will need to complete the project, before starting. Most floors require a medium sandpaper to remove any varnish as well as a fine sandpaper to smooth the wood and for use between clear coats. If you are not sure what type of wood was used for the flooring, proceed with caution on the sanding, because engineered hardwood will become damaged if you sand to hard or to much.

If you have to wait a day or two in between the sanding and applying the finish, avoid walking on the floor as it can cause damage, since there is no protective coating on the wood.

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