The Characteristics of the Best Lasik Doctors

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Health

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You’ve decided you’ve had enough of glasses and contact lenses and are excited about the prospect of lasik surgery. You have a few prospective doctors to meet with, but how do you pick the right one? There’s a considerable amount of trust that must be put into a surgeon; after all, your vision will literally be in their hands for the duration of the surgery. If you’re looking for the best lasik doctor in the Jacksonville area, keep the following tips handy as you narrow down your search.


First and foremost, consider experience. Any surgeon’s website should list years of experience and what areas of expertise the surgeon is fluent in. If there’s a lack of this information or the surgeon has just come on board, fresh from a medical institution, consider carefully. Young surgeons are thoroughly trained but lack hands-on experience. This does not necessarily reflect poorly on a young surgeon, but it’s certainly a point to consider.


Licensing should be another item that’s front and center, either within the clinic or posted boldly on a doctor’s website. If you don’t see a surgeon’s license within the clinic, ask to see it. If anyone is hesitant to present the information, or there are a pile of excuses as to why you can’t see it, steer clear. A lack of a presented license might mean a lack of a license altogether, and you don’t want a so-called surgeon working on your eyesight.


Reviews can be the most enlightening portion of any research into the best lasik doctors. The internet is full of reviews of all kinds, and the best part is most are unbiased. A surgeon’s website may have patient testimony, but it’s hard to prove if that testimony is actually accurate. Digging up reviews on the internet will help you form an opinion of a particular surgeon, and help you decide if that surgeon is right for you.

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