Tips for Choosing a Facility for Dog Boarding in Chicago May24


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Tips for Choosing a Facility for Dog Boarding in Chicago

No pet owner wants to leave his or her favorite furry friend behind when they head out of town. Unfortunately, though, travel plans often make leaving dogs behind a practical necessity. The least stressful scenario for both dogs and their owners is generally to place the animals in a facility offering Dog Boarding in Chicago. Doing so ensures that not only will the dog’s health and safety be provided for, but also that the animal will get sufficient attention so he or she can have an enjoyable vacation as well. Choosing the right boarding kennel can be a challenge, though. Follow the advice below to help find one that will be a good fit.

Visit the Kennel

It’s always a good idea to visit any facility being considered for Dog Boarding in Chicago prior to entrusting a beloved family pet to their care. This will ensure any unprofessional or dirty facilities will be ruled out in advance, preventing a stressful ordeal later when the dog is dropped off.

Ask About Services

During this visit, inquire about what services are provided for the dogs during the day. A boarding kennel that provides regular care and attention is vastly preferable to one that leaves the animals in their cages for most of the day. Kennels that double as doggy daycares often have the best facilities for keeping animals entertained and happy.

Ask About Employee Credentials

Some boarding kennels specifically include dog trainers on their staffs to accommodate less-than-perfectly-behaved pets. Owners that place their misbehaving dogs in the hands of dedicated trainers while they are away will be surprised by the amount of progress that can be made in just a short amount of time.

Inquire About Medical Care

If the dog requires a special diet or regularly takes medications for medical issues, be sure that the kennel chosen has staff members on hand to administer medications. Most boarding services allow owners to leave their own food so that picky dogs or those with medically necessary dietary restrictions can still be provided with adequate food.

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