Keep Kitty’s Litter Box Fresh and Clean with Litter Pads

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Pets

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Though many people across the globe love cats, one of the only pitfalls to having a furry feline in the family are having to deal with their not so pleasant smelling litter box. However, the Breeze litter box allows you to use litter pads to catch the feline’s urine so that the smell isn’t as bad as it would be with standard kitty litter. This company specializes in shipping free and convenient kitty litter pads across the country so that you will never run out or pay the outrageous store prices.

Saving Your Sniffer

If you’ve never heard of a litter pad then you’re in for a treat. The Breeze litter box uses a filter system along with unique litter pellets that allow the urine to slip through a filter and onto a disposable cat litter pad so there is no overwhelming odor of cat urine in your home.

Free Samples

Whether you’re currently using store-brand litter pads or another style, you can browse their selection of disposable cat litter pads to request a free sample of a style you may have never tried before. Once you’ve tried enough of the samples to discover which one is your favorite, simply place your order and you’ll receive your first shipment of pads in no time.

Contact PetsWorld Online Pet Supply at to learn more about disposable cat litter pads and how you can save money on larger quantities than you can find at the store.

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