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The Three Ways Dog Daycare Services in Chicago Handle Discipline

Dog Daycare Services in Chicago take the notion of dog training extremely seriously, but there is always an opportunity for miscommunication. An owner expects one thing, and the result is another. Below are three ways dog services tend to handle the area of discipline for a dog that is dropped off at their facility.

Mime Already Going Practices

There is no catch-all method for training a dog, and approaches vary as much as in the methods of disciplining a child. With that in mind, the services will use a dog owner’s current discipline strategy as more than just a template. Staff members will be aware of what the owner does at home in both awarding treats and discouraging bad behaviors.

They will then use this to make the dog feel comfortable but also to assert a pattern of behavior. The dog care services are not looking to diminish well-trained behavior that is already in place but to support it with the same approaches and some subtle changes that could benefit the dog.

Trading Up

One way to accomplish this easily is to use a trade-in strategy. A dog may misbehave partly because the reward is there in the case of a stolen snack from a plate or garbage to smell. Owners can trade that item (food, garbage) for something better (a dog toy, a box) and encourage the behavior with a reward. The dog then has a better item with the added bonus of a treat. Click here for more on implementing this at home.

No Hitting-;Ever

It should not necessarily be a thing that must be stated, but it is. Dog Daycare Services in Chicago do not hit the dogs, even if the owner says it is okay. It is a precedent the team does not want to set for anyone, including the dogs. It is a core approach to discipline that plays out at the dog care center.

Discipline has been, and always will be, a sensitive topic to cover. Just as people obsess over their children and the discipline that goes into shaping them as people, there is a discipline standard involved with dogs.

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