Prepare Your Dog For Boarding And Help Prevent Kennel Stress

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Dog Boarding

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Most dogs react very well to being boarded when the facility really understands how to address their needs. Their owners can leave home knowing that their favorite companion is in good hands. Unfortunately, some dogs become very stressed when away from familiar surroundings.

Some of the Signs of Kennel Stress

There are many different ways in which a dog can demonstrate how overwhelmed they feel, including:

1. Refusing to eat, even if it’s their normal food;

2. Aggressive behavior, often triggered by fear;

3. Whining and barking;

4. Constantly licking their lips, a behavior shown by some dogs trying to calm themselves;

5. Constant pacing and trying to get out of the kennel.

Preparation Will Make the Time In the Kennel Easier for the Dog

1. If the kennel offers day care, this is a great way to accustom any dog to being in the kennel.

2. If there is more than one dog in the home, ensure that the dogs can cope if on their own. Fortunately, some kennels are able to accommodate this situation, boarding dogs together who don’t do well if separated.

3. Talk to the owner in advance of the else. Are they knowledgeable and friendly? Do the other dogs seem happy? Is there a nice, dog-friendly outdoor area? Does the kennel seem more like a dog hotel or a dog prison?

4. If a dog is very anxious, elderly or has special needs, find out if arrangements can be made to care for the dog at home.

5. If the dog is anxious or aggressive, don’t try to hide this fact. It will become obvious very quickly. If the kennel knows about any potential problems in advance, they can make necessary preparations. If the kennel is unable to handle an aggressive St. Bernard, for example, it’s better to know in advance and find a kennel that is able to do the job.

6. Bring a favorite blanket or toy to the kennel.

7. Find out how the dog will be exercised.

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