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Three Things You Should Know About Caring for Dental Implants

After weighing all the options, you decided that dental implants are the best option. How will your dental care routine change, and how will it remain the same? Here are a few things that you should know about taking care of dental implants in Burbank.

You will continue to brush as usual. Depending on the type of toothbrush you’ve used in the past, the dentist may recommend changing to one with a different kind of bristles. In terms of the type of toothpaste to use, most brands on the market today will do nicely.

One aspect of the dental routine that will change is how you floss. Some people think that flossing is off limits. That’s not true. Your dentist will recommend a kind of floss that’s formulated for people with dental implants. There may also be some instructions on how to use the floss and avoid any damage to the gum.

When it comes to using mouthwash, go right ahead. There is nothing about dental implants in Burbank that precludes the use of something to get rid of bacteria and freshen the breath. Use the product as directed, and everything will be fine.

Your dentist is happy to answer any questions regarding the care of those new implants. Feel free to go over anything that you’re not sure about and put the suggestions to good use. Doing so will keep those implants in top shape for many years to come.

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