Reasons Why a Dentist in Northbrook Would Recommend Dental Crowns

by | Dec 27, 2023 | Cosmetic Dentist

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Going to the dentist is never on anybody’s list of fun things to do. However, most people realize that regularly visiting the dentist is key to good oral health. If you go to the dentist and you’re told that you need a dental crown, you may wonder what is a dental crown in Northbrook and how it will help you.

The most basic explanation is that a dental crown in Northbrook is a type of covering that will fix a badly damaged tooth. The crown will reinforce the tooth. A dentist will give you a dental crown if the decay in your teeth has become very large but hasn’t reached the point where the tooth needs to be removed. With cavities, root canals, and several other dental procedures, dental crowns can improve your smile even though your tooth has already decayed.

Interestingly, cavities can happen to anyone, even those who take good care of their oral health. Most people don’t see decay when it first starts, as it usually happens in the parts of your teeth that are not readily visible.

Your teeth are divided into three layers. The outer layer is the tooth enamel. Next to the enamel is the dentin, and your nerves and blood vessels live in the pulp. Over time, your teeth can lose minerals, making them weak. Sugars and other foods will work with bacteria in your mouth, creating plaque that can lead to tooth decay. When this becomes severe, in addition to removing the decay and repairing the tooth, your dentist may use a crown to make your tooth functionally stronger and aesthetically more appealing.

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