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Three Simple Ways to Incorporate an Oriental Feel Into Your Home

Oriental furniture has always been loved for its ornate details, vibrant colors, and sense of history. These pieces are both powerful and soothing at the same time. This is why so many homeowners want to incorporate a touch of the Orient into their own homes. You can do the same by trying these three design ideas.

Use Screens

Oriental screens add beauty and function to any room. Whether you place a decorative accent screen across a corner or install a screen door between two rooms, you will love how it adds instant Asian flare to the space. Take advantage of this simple way to provide privacy without building a wall.

The Look of Antiques

Use a Dongbei console table in front of a white wall as the foundation of a beautiful vignette. Place jade metal Chinese dragon vases and hand painted ceramic pots on the floor around and under the table. Finish the antique look with a pair of Ming armchairs placed one on either side.

The Power of Color

A powerful color can add an Oriental touch easily. Decorate an entire room with a neutral, monochromatic palette. Put a distressed red sideboard in the room. Red is a powerful color that represents the sun’s energy in Chinese culture. This one burst of color will leave a huge impact on the room’s decor.

Whether you decide to use an oriental screen to define a space, focus on the look of an antique, or simply add one powerful color to an otherwise neutral space, you will love the soothing yet powerful feel that Oriental furniture will add to your home. These basic pieces fit in beautifully with today’s modern home decor elements. Try them in your own home to capture that look and feel of the Chinese culture.

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