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by | Jul 10, 2019 | Equipment

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In order to keep your customers returning to your golf course, you need to maintain beautiful grounds. Part of what you need to do in order to maintain the grounds is aeration. This is a process of removing plugs of compacted soil. This loosens up thick clay soil so that nutrients, air and water can make their way to the plants’ roots. Thatch buildup, thick soil and poor drainage all contribute to unattractive greens. With our golf course aeration equipment, you can look out at your golf course with pride.

Our aeration equipment simplifies the process of aerating. All of the activity on a busy golf course means that it needs aeration more frequently than a big lawn that does not get walked or driven on. We recommend aerating the soil of your golf course at least once every year in order to attain healthy, attractive and vigorous grass.

With our professional-grade equipment, aeration of your golf course will not take a lot of time. Our equipment can do an acre in just a couple of hours. This means that if you have a regulation golf course of 18 holes with plenty of surrounding grass and wooded areas, you can have the entire area aerated within a week, so long as there is good weather. We recommend aerating your golf course either in the spring or in the autumn. In some situations, you may want to aerate your golf course’s greens during both of these times.

When you are in search of golf course aeration equipment, contact us at 1st Products. We have a wide range of solutions to meet your needs.

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