The Various Parts of Restaurant Canopy Hoods

Outside of hospitals, few places need to be cleaner than restaurant kitchens. However, its very difficult keep a restaurant kitchen clean, what with dozens of people milling around, tempers and temperatures reaching red hot levels, and a constant stream of customers who are waiting anxiously to be fed. Not only is a clean kitchen important for the well being of the customers and workers, it’s important for the continued survival of the restaurant itself. Restaurants with dirty kitchens have a tendency to go under very fast, unless they are shut down by the department of health even earlier. So as a restaurateur, you understand the importance of keeping your premises spotless.


While liquid and solid spills can reasonably easy to clean up, the various vapors, fumes , smoke and steam emitted in a busy kitchen need a different approach. Without proper ventilation, they create an unhealthy atmosphere inside the kitchen and soon begin staining the walls and even utensils. To ensure good ventilation inside your restaurant kitchen, you need a canopy hood. Let us go through a typical restaurant canopy hood and learn about its essential parts.


The Vent Hood: This is the large metal plate hood hanging over the stove that collects all the rising smoke and vapor as well as most of the heat.


The Exhaust Fan: This is built into the wall and pushes the collected heat and smoke outside the building.


The Ducting: A series of pipes, this transports the contaminants and smoke from the vent hood all the way to the exhaust. A leak in the ducting can undermine the whole purpose of the canopy hood, so you have to be very careful when installing it.


The Return Air Fan: Just like the exhaust fan pushes contaminated air and smoke out, this pulls fresh air from the outside into the kitchen.


Now you know the various essential parts of a restaurant canopy hood. As you can see, these are crucial to the proper running of the restaurant itself, so you need to ensure you buy them from a reputed seller, preferably one that specializes in restaurant canopy hoods. Once you find a company you think you can trust, you need to ask around about their reputation and talk to some of their clients to get an idea of their service and their rates. Only the should you do business with them and buy their products.


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