Why Should you Donate to an Israeli Charity?

by | Oct 31, 2011 | Lifestyle And Relationships

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Did you know that a large percentage of people in Israel are living in poverty and are struggling to earn money so that they can provide food for their family? Charities have tried their best to help them out but there is acute shortage of funds. This is where you can step in to help out by donating some money to an Israeli charity.

When soup kitchens were organized, it was thought that they would be a great success and solve the food problem to a certain extent. But these kitchens were not successful at all as people claimed that these stripped them off their dignity by making them stand in queues to wait their turn for food. Some even claimed that it made them feel like beggars!

Thus the concept of food cards was introduced. People embraced this idea immediately as confidentiality was maintained. These cards are sent directly to the given addresses and are usually valid for 6 months. There is a fixed amount allotted to the card after evaluating the family’s need. For example, if a food card has a value of $300, then it can be used to purchase food items up to that amount. The card is only for buying food and not cigarettes or beer. This precaution has been taken so that the card is not misused.

If you want to donate to an Israeli charity, you can do it right from the privacy of your home. All you need to do is look up the names of some charities in the city and go through their websites before you make up your mind. Please ensure that you are dealing with a genuine concern as phony charities have mushroomed everywhere. They do a lot of fancy advertising and that fools people into believing that they are a renowned charity helping people on a large scale. Once you send them the money, they will simply disappear without a trace and you will never see your money again.

Therefore, exercise a minimum amount of caution when you are donating to an Israeli charity, NY. After all you want your money to be used for a noble purpose right? You are free to choose any cash amount for donation and the modes of payment are generally flexible so as to suit your convenience. If you are dealing with an authentic charity, the entire sum of money will be used to help people. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling?


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