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The Roles of Notary Services in Terrell TX

Signing important documents such as legal financial documents should never be done without Notary Services in Terrell TX. Notary services act as an official witness, appointed by the state government. They are responsible for ensuring fraud-deterrent acts that are related to signing such documents.

A notary is also responsible for ensuring that each individual involved in the signing process is doing so by their own free will and understands each of the document’s contents. They may also be required to put an individual under oath, which declares that under penalty of perjury the information in the document is true and correct to the individual’s knowledge.

There are many occasions in which a notary may be needed for document signing. Occasions may include any of the following:

Business documents- This includes any documents related to articles of incorporation, memorandum of understanding, vendor contracts, commercial building leases, and contracts.

Legal documents- Any legal documents including wills, trusts, advanced directives, and custody or guardianship agreements must be signed in the presence of a notary.

Financial documents- Financial documents include mortgage closing documents, property deeds, and other types of loan documents.

Be sure to verify that the Notary Services in Terrell TX has been licensed according to the state’s requirements in which they currently offer their services in. It is also important to find out if they have passed the required background check. Many notary services can be found in banks, title companies, small businesses and other institutions such as a Bondsman company. It is important to verify that the business the notary is associated with is also legal to operate.

It is important that when in the presence of a notary, the individual takes note of what the notary does and does not do. In some states violations in performing a notarization can lead to a notary to be found guilty of a misdemeanor or a felony in severe cases. Common violations include:

The notary failing to comply with the provisions of the state laws.

The notary failing to discharge his or her duties.

Failing to maintain a mandatory surety bond if a surety bond is required.

Careless mistakes when having a document notarized can become a big deal for the notary as well as the individuals involved in the signing process. For more information on ways to ensure proper and legal notarization, visit a notary office today.

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