How Can Short-Term Installment Loans Help Build Credit Or Establish Credit?

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Money And Finance

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Dozens of reasons exist why people need fast cash such as a medical emergency, the car died and a new one is needed, the plumbing requires repair, or people need to travel afar to see family. The snag to needing money quickly is that sometimes a credit score isn’t good enough or people have no credit at all. Online installment loans can help people get the money they need, but they also may help build credit. Here’s how.

How Credit Bureaus See Credit

Credit is about timely repayment of loans and a mixture of credit types. A credit user with credit cards, a mortgage, and installment loans has a good mix of credit. Paying them all on time each month tells the credit bureaus that the credit user is responsible and therefore a good credit risk.

Credit bureaus also look at credit users’ habits in order to better represent their credit. They look at the length of payment history, the amount of the loans, the diversity in the accounts, and any new accounts.

Where Short-Term Installment Loans Fit In

A credit user just beginning a credit history or attempting to make the history better should investigate short-term online installment loans. This loan should be for a small amount, easily repaid, and easier for the lender to approve. The income to debt ratio will be lower. This will make the credit score needed for loan approval lower as well.

How It Builds Credit

Short-term installment loans build credit by proving on time payments, the most important facet of credit. It’s worth 35 percent of a FICO score. Short-term installment loans add to the length of credit history, which is worth 15% of a FICO score. These loans also show diversity of credit types, which is worth ten percent of a FICO score. Short Term Loans LLC from Des Moines will explain building credit when you contact us to learn more about it.

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