The Right Kind of Tree Pruning in Dunwoody GA for Conifers

The practice of cutting off the top of a tree to manage its size is considered unacceptable by tree service technicians as well as other people who understand the problems that practice causes. In fact, some tree service contractors refuse to do these projects and will give up that customer’s business instead. They understand the approved ways to complete Tree Pruning in Dunwoody GA.

Examples of Conifers

Property owners may believe topping is okay for conifer trees. Examples of conifers include white pine, red pine, hemlock, fir, Douglas fir, and blue spruce. They have needles instead of leaves, and they stay green all year round. All of them produce cones with seeds. Cutting the top off, however, is discouraged.

Problems Caused by Topping

These evergreen trees grow to a point at the top instead of a rounded form the way deciduous trees do. Attempting to convert that point into a curved shape leads to the same problems that happen when topping deciduous trees. New, thin branch growth takes off as the tree tries to counteract the effects of losing its top. This is aesthetically displeasing and weakens the tree as well. Arborists providing service for Tree Pruning in Dunwoody GA know the best ways to trim branches and keep trees healthy.

Although many species of trees can survive topping, conifers are more vulnerable and more likely to gradually die afterward. Removal of that topmost section is simply too hard on the tree, and it struggles to recover.


Perhaps the only trees that a contractor such as TreeDog Atlanta Services LLC would be willing to cut at the top are fruit trees. Doing so encourages the branches to grow outward instead of up. There is a functional reason for this since people must pick fruit from the branches. The higher up the fruit is, the more difficult and hazardous the work becomes.

When planning to prune any kind of evergreen tree, the arborist evaluates the entire structure and form of the tree before proceeding. The work is done slowly and carefully. The result does not compromise the tree’s beauty or health.

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