The Benefits of Chart Technology for Healthcare Organizations

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Healthcare

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Healthcare organizations are increasingly reliant on technology that not only ensures the accurate processing of patient information but offers a powerful set of tools that allow users to work efficiently. For example, the GeBBS iCode platform establishes a workflow tool that helps payers more easily complete remittance processes. Detailed reporting, transparent information, and risk adjustment technologies are dynamic features that also add a new level of functionality for risk bearing providers.

Chart Retrieval Technology

CRT ensures healthcare organizations submit accurate and proper information. Chart retrieval also offers providers greater flexibility and less abrasion against regulations. The GeBBS iCode platform offers this feature, and it is proven to support provider-sensitive processes and encourage greater engagement. The GeBBS chart retrieval module is HIPAA compliant, tested, protected, and utilize drag and drop capability.

There are many other important qualities of good chart software. These include EMR integration, EMR data exchange capabilities, and onsite retrieval and communications. The dashboard should provide a transparent retrieval status that allows you to make the right decisions.

HCC Coding

Any healthcare organization that performs diagnoses should have dynamic tools that help them capture risk adjustments and properly allocate them to their members. Good retrieval software offers a full-service solution for RA coding. Examples of this include ACA-Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid. When organizations outsource this business process, it’s important to have AAPC- or AHIMA-certified professionals who can make decisions on the deletion of adjustment or diagnostic codes. Organizations such as GeBBS have teams with these capabilities and knowledge.

Data Validation

Good chart software also includes a strong data validation component that confirms data from health plans and other documentation. The information is compared to blind coding, claims history, and other analytics.

GeBBS provides a complete range of coding solutions and software that includes a powerful chart system that helps organizations streamline processes while complying with regulations.

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