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The Exciting World of Sedation Dentistry

Okay, sedation dentistry is actually very, very boring, which is a good thing! Boring is just what patients want out of sedation dentistry. You don’t exactly want an exciting dental experience, do you? The medical advances of sedation dentistry are absolutely wonderful and the things that can be done today without complication are stunningly progressive.

But there isn’t anyone who walks in a dentist’s office saying “Please can I hear the high piercing whine of the dental drill AGAIN just one more time, pretty please?” For some people, merely thinking about sitting in the dentist chair makes their heart rate go up, which is why sedation dentistry is such a boon to the industry. Proper sedation helps anxious patients overcome dental fears not just during a single visit, but into the future as well.

In sedation dentistry, pharmacological agents are used in different degrees to suppress the exact part of the nervous system that deals with conscious awareness. This means the patient can be sedated within a range of levels from deep sedation to moderate or minimal. Many patients prefer a minimal level of sedation which induces relaxation, but still keeps their ability to respond to verbal or physical stimulation.

There people who just don’t like the dentist, even if they’ve had great experiences. But they are afraid of needles or have high tolerance to anesthesia and are simply worried that this time, something bad will happen.

Some people had traumatic childhood experiences with harsh, uncommunicative, brusque dentists that were lacking in bedside manner and were not very compassionate. Once your parents stop taking you to the dentist, you’ll probably not be very good about going for those routine visits.

Even if you aren’t all that freaked out by going to the dentist, sedation dentistry is great for major dental procedures like dental implants. Or maybe your gag reflex can’t abide by lots of tools and rubber-gloved hands poking around in your mouth.

If you don’t know much about sedation dentistry, the anxiety about sedation can be just as strong as the anxiety you have about being at the dentist, so be sure to educate yourself. Visit your dentist with a list of questions and concerns and ask them every question on your list. Have a conversation about your medical history, any medical allergies, and be sure to alert your dentist to any specific spots around your teeth that are especially sensitive.

Let Dr. Cris Durghinescu DDS and staff acquaint you with the process of sedation dentistry Hawthorne California; it’s a great way to perform a complicated procedure without you having to feel one ounce of anxiety. Call today or check them out on the web at Visit the website

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