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by | Jul 6, 2013 | Animal Health

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Whether you’re going away for a few days on business, have an exciting family getaway planned or simply have an emergency to handle, boarding kennels are the perfect answer for the “Who will take care of your pet?” questions. Oftentimes pets aren’t allowed in hotels or airplanes and quite frankly can be difficult to care for in these situations as well. Boarding kennels provide round the clock shelter and care for your pet, providing you with the peace of mind and assurance needed when your pet must be left behind.

To Keep in Mind

If you decide that you and your pet can benefit from using a kennel, there are many important things that you should know beforehand. Understanding these things can eliminate headache and hassle while ensuring that your pet has a wonderful place to stay while you’re away.

One of the most important things to do before leaving your pet at a boarding kennel is to visit the facility and speak with the staff. When you speak to the staff over the phone you can gain much more confidence about the decision you are making. Once you’ve found a kennel that passes the initial telephone interview, an in-person assessment of the facility should also be conducted. It should be clean and sanitary. You should be able to see animals inside that look great and seem to be happy and well cared for. Additionally, there should be areas for the animals to walk and exercise and play.

Finding the Right Boarding Kennel

Ask family and friends for recommendations for boarding kennels, and they can also help you learn of those that you should stay away from. You may also find the Internet beneficial in learning information about a kennel, as you can easily access the Better Business Bureau website to learn more about the facility, as well as take advantage of reviews and other important information.

Do Not Forget the Staff

While it is important to examine the facility and ensure that it is suitable for your pet, it is also important that you like the staff at the boarding kennel. Are they experienced in caring for animals? Do they hold any certifications or specializations? How do they interact with the animals in their care?

Finally, keep in mind that each kennel will have their own set of requirements for a pet to be admitted. Most require a current vaccination record at a minimum. It is also important that you inquire about food. Is it supplied by the kennel or should you bring it for your pet? Are treats and toys allowed or supplied? These things are important to ask to ensure that your pet is pleased and comfortable with this experience.

Yorba Regional Animal Hospital has amazing boarding kennels to satisfy your pet’s needs while you are gone. Caring, compassionate animal lovers ensure that your pet is well taken care of day in and day out.

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