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The Benefits of the Federal Signal Vision SLR

Every law enforcement official will agree that a clear and loud signal is an essential element when they want to attract attention right away. The new Federal Signal Vision SLR offers more with the new SLR or the Solaris LED Rotator providing 360-degrees of light output. Its distinct non-linear shape immediately gives it more power and coverage than a simple linear light bar. It helps clear roadways faster, even via the critical traffic intersections. The brand has established itself as a leader in public safety products with their comprehensive vehicular solutions. With a team of experts who are veterans of law enforcement as well as experts in technology, they are a reliable name for not only law enforcement agencies and first responders, but also for various work trucks and industrial vehicles.

Installation Made Easy
Engineered for safety, this light is equipped with a discrete wire harness for easy and fast installation on a large apparatus.  The presence of the FS Convergence Network enables easy “plug-n-play” connection which not only leads to quicker installation time, but it also negates the need for multiple and extensive wiring. It is super easy to replace the pods and is compatible with the Vision controller, the Federal Signal’s SmartSiren® Platinum light or amp controller and the serial interface module. It can be serviced in minutes without removing the vehicle’s light bar making it so much easier to maintain. It is ideal for large fleets which means more discounts for bulk purchases.

Awesome LED Technology
One of the greatest things about this product is its new multicolor LED technology. This technology, SpectraLux™ will allow the single light source to change to any color combination easily, whether it is red, amber, blue or white. Easy compliance with NFPA rules for en route white light to change to red or blue when park is engaged. What’s more there will be easier aerial views, as well. Two LEDs will project light upward to enable others to locate and reach emergency scenes fast and easy. Every time the light usage is maximized it is enabled for better dispersion of the light right where it is needed. PCB assemblies have replaced the older wires, connections, and assemblies, increasing labor time and inducing better response time. The patented ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuity®) reduces the risk of connection failure by 85% too.

The LED Warranty
The Federal Signal Vision SLR comes with a five-year warranty on the LED components, offering the user more value for their money. Its superior technology makes for an excellent crime fighting tool with enhanced features and technologies that amplifies performance in emergency situation. It is the epitome of a quality product that makes for safer and secure solutions.

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