Precious Moments Include Your Baby’s First Picture

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Healthcare

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The very first picture of your baby is the one you will cherish the most in your life. It used to be that the first picture ever taken of your baby was after it was born in the hospital. Now with the technology of ultrasounds your baby’s first picture can be taken earlier while the baby is still developing. You can get a 2D or 3D visual image of your unborn baby through an ultrasound. Of course all of the pictures you will take of your baby will be priceless throughout the years, but the one you will have with the ultrasound will be even more special to you. When you choose to have an ultrasound done it is an important milestone during your pregnancy. The visual impression of the first glimpse of your unborn baby growing inside your body is breathtaking. You will see the tiny toes and fingers of your child while he or she is still in the womb.

Connect with Your Baby during a 3D Ultrasound
Whether this is your first baby or second, you want to make a special connection with your unborn child. Having a 3D ultrasound can make this happen for you. There are several medical facilities now that provide this kind of service for all expecting mothers-to-be. When doing a search online you will see all the different options each medical facility has to offer concerning 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasounds. You can have a 3D baby ultrasound in Charleston, SC performed with several packages to choose from. Each package offers something different and will vary in price.

The Advantages of Booking a Memorable 4D or 3D Ultrasound Includes the Following:

  • The ability to find out your baby’s gender.
  • Black and white photo prints.
  • You can relax in a comfortable area to bond with your baby.
  • You have the option of receiving a DVD keepsake of your ultrasound experience.
  • There is plenty of room, and private rooms to share the experience with friends and family.
  • Enjoy the services of Informative and friendly staff members.

You Will Experience the Joy of Seeing Your Baby for the First Time
When you choose one of the best ultrasound facilities you want to make sure they have years of experience and a skilled staff that knows what they are doing. This time in your life is important for you and your precious baby. To be able to see your unborn child for the first time, and share it with your spouse, family and friends is something you will treasure for a long time. You will also have lasting ultrasound images that will prove to be timeless and a reminder of great memories.

Bond with Baby 4D is a facility that offers images such as 2D, 4D, and 3D baby ultrasound in Charleston, SC. Contact them today to schedule an ultrasound and create timeless memories of a lifetime.

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