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How to Tackle Cockroach Termite Infestation

Not sure how to tackle cockroach termite infestations? Different cockroaches are attracted to homes for varying reasons. Some are attracted to water while others are attracted to foodstuffs. There are many prevention methods, including everyday cleaning and effective food storage, to avert an infestation. However, how does a homeowner tackle roaches and termites once they’ve infested the home? Here are simple methods to get rid of cockroaches.


Prior to choosing a suitable pest control method, homeowners should first inspect their homes for potential pest infestation sites. The use of a flashlight comes in handy at this point. Some of the potential roach and termite infestation sites include the back of the fridge, beneath the sink, cracks in shelves and cabinets, closet door corners, and closets.

Glue Strips

The use of roach glue strips helps to identify large infestations. Choose the most strategic locations to put the strips based on the initial flashlight inspection. After a few days of monitoring, if the conclusion is that glue strips placed in high-traffic places will capture the most pets, those locations need more treatments.

Caulk Gaps

While traps are effective in eliminating existing pest populations, they are not effective in stopping outside roaches from finding their way into the home. To stop roach and termite infestation from escalating, it’s recommended that homeowners use caulk to block potential entry points.

Pest Control Methods

One of the effective methods for killing roaches is gel bait. It appears like a tube and may be placed beneath baseboards, in crevices and cracks, and neighboring areas that are attractive to pests. Another popular method is the use of bait stations. They work by inviting pests into stations to feast on poison. Consequently, the poisoned cockroach termite dies immediately.

Another effective method for eliminating roaches is boric acid, which is found in items like toothpaste and detergent. It is produced by mixing boron with water to form boric acid, which is non-toxic to humans and pets but fatal to roaches.

Last, but not least, homeowners can hire the services of a pest control professional. They can offer a more appropriate method for killing roaches and termites and implement a continuing approach to pest control. Visit  today and make pests things of the past. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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