How Hiring the Right Attorney Sets the Tone for Your Divorce

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Law

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Downers Grove divorce lawyers have noticed two new trends: divorce selfies and divorce parties. Maybe you will never get to the place where you can throw a divorce party with your ex-spouse or even smile happily in a selfie celebrating the new stage of your life, these two trends highlight an important cultural change surrounding divorces. We no longer expect that people getting a divorce treat each other as adversaries and fight over everything.  Marriages end, and, regardless of who is to blame, fighting about assets or, worse, over children, does not do anything to change whatever happened, good or bad, during the marriage. Instead of looking for a “pitbull” attorney, many people seeking a divorce have started looking at the big picture.  The big picture means that you are not just concentrating on keeping assets out of your ex’s hands, but also on keeping the assets the two of you helped build in your family and not just lining the pockets of attorneys with them. The big picture means that, unless your ex is abusive or has a problem that puts your children in danger, you focus on transitioning from spouses to co-parents and find a custody agreement that works for both of you, and, more importantly, for your children. Focusing on the big picture means that you recognize that you will have lots of emotions about your divorce, but that the courtroom is not the place to deal with those emotions.

At The Fitzgerald Law Firm, we understand that no one gets married planning to get divorced. Divorce is emotional and stressful, even in an agreed divorce situation. We believe the role of the family law attorney is to protect our client’s rights, while simultaneously working to minimize conflict between the parties. Some situations cannot be resolved peacefully. Past domestic violence or concerns about child safety may lead to a more aggressive approach, but in most instances we strive to help you get divorced quickly, affordably, and with as little stress as possible. We cannot promise to make your divorce painless, but we can promise not to add to the stress of divorce.

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