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Steps to Prevent a Frequent Need for Septic Tank Inspection Services and Pumping

Some homeowners schedule septic tank pumping on a regular schedule, such as once every two to three years. Others wait until there is a sign the tank is getting full, although that risks the possibility of a sewer backup. Septic Tank Inspection Services are performed immediately after the tank is pumped to make sure everything is in good working order.

Signs the Tank Is Reaching Capacity

What are some indications the tank is reaching its capacity? One is greener grass over the tank. Although this has become a bit of a widespread joke, the grass there actually should not be lusher than the surrounding grass. The unusually healthy grass indicates that fertilizer is leaking into the soil. Another particularly serious sign is when the area over the drain field becomes damp for no apparent reason. That indicates solids are moving from a full tank into the filtration area. The problem must be addressed immediately by a company such as website domain because authorities can condemn a septic system when this happens.

Measurements for Information

Before the tank is pumped, the technician can measure the thickness of the scum and solids layers if asked to. This lets the homeowners know how much has built up inside the tank since the last pumping and Septic Tank Inspection Services. Then they have a good understanding of how long they should be able to wait between tank pumping appointments and not risk a backup into the home, basement, or crawl space.

Steps for Less Frequent Pumping

If the homeowners want to have the tank pumped less frequently, they can take steps to make sure it doesn’t fill up too quickly. The main strategy is to make sure nothing is flushed except human waste and toilet paper. Other materials don’t degrade very well, if at all, and accumulate in the tank. Pouring cooking oil down drains or flushing it down the toilet also adds to the layer of scum and sludge in the tank because this greasy substance becomes trapped there. This action also can cause serious clogs in the drain pipes and sewer pipes. You can also connect with them on Twitter.

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