Maintain Your Water Quality With Lift Station Service in Fort Myers, FL

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Septic System Service

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Regular lift station service in Fort Myers, FL will help keep your wastewater draining properly. Lift stations are also called wet wells and are used to keep the water table clean. Dirty water, grease, and septic debris typically drain correctly in areas with normal elevation. Some areas are not elevated enough to ensure proper drainage or the local pipes may not drain efficiently because of their configuration. Lift stations can become clogged because of a storm, broken pump, spill, or leak. The right maintenance team will have the expertise and equipment to get your lift station working quickly.

Your lift station may require the use of a certain type of truck or other special equipment. Ask your maintenance team about the pump capacity and their experience with different issues. Many spills will contain a large amount of grease or septic residue. The buildup may require the use of special techniques or cleaners to fix clogs and prevent toxic waste.

Maintenance teams can also help treat wastewater and fix any pump issues at the lift station. Many problems require the removal of the damaged pump. The team will clean it and make further repairs or a full replacement. Your team may be able to help run an alternative pump while the faulty pump is removed and fixed.

Many experts recommend maintenance every two or three years for residential or private lift stations. Your maintenance team will inspect and perform maintenance on the valves, alarm system, pipes, electrical components, tank, and more.

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