SEO for Dentists in the USA: How Do Search Engines Rankings Work? Dec07


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SEO for Dentists in the USA: How Do Search Engines Rankings Work?

When it comes to SEO for dentists in the USA, many wonder what factors go into a search engine like Google’s decision about where you stand in the results. Search engines aim to provide people with the most relevant and useful results for every query. To accomplish this, they consider both on-site and off-site ranking variables.

On-Site Factors

All of the information that can be found on your website is what is referred to as on-site ranking factors. That’s right, Google and other search engines are constantly going through every single website, gathering information to create a picture of who you are, what you provide, the questions you answer, and whether or not you can be trusted, amongst other things. Here are some on-site factors that affect rankings, according to experts at Patient News:

  • How fast do your pages load
  • Whether robots understand your content
  • Whether select keywords are used
  • How old is your website
  • How well laid out is the website’s

Off-Site Factors

Regarding off-site SEO for dentists in the USA, what people say about your website is crucial. What you and others do off your website, such as on social media or in patient reviews, can improve your ranking. The number of websites and online locations that connect to or discuss your website is the main off-site SEO ranking criteria for dentists. Here are some other off-site factors that an advertising agency for dentists in the USA should take into consideration:

  • The popularity of the linking site
  • How you got the link
  • Age of the link
  • Number of links

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