2022 Limited Edition Volkswagen Passat for Sale

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Car Dealers

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For Volkswagen, 2022 marks the end of the Passat. Sold across America since 1974, albeit under different names, the Passat may not enter the lineup of 2023, but it is going out with a noticeable bang. This is in the form of the 2022 Limited Edition Volkswagen Passat, for sale in honor of the plant in Chattanooga where it has been manufactured since 2011.

The Volkswagen Passat
The Passat has long been a popular sedan. The Limited Edition Volkswagen Passat for sale in only 1,973 units, is a means of paying tribute to those who made it and celebrating the car itself. To this end, the car combines high-quality features with commemorative additions. This tasteful blend includes

• A power trunk lid
• 15-spoke, 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels and black mirror caps
• Leather seating and heated second-row seats
• The seats bear special tags – one referring to the initial year of production (1 of 1973); the other to Chattanooga (“VW Chattanooga since 2011”)
• Park Assist
• Color combinations combine with select, significant numbers to reflect the occasion

Even the cupholders reflect the specific intent of this Limited Edition. The bottom features a blueprint of the factory as well as an aerial map of the city of Chattanooga.

Going out in Style
From 2023 onwards, a Volkswagen Passat for sale from Philadelphia to San Francisco will automatically refer to a used car. The journey for this vehicle is over. However, with the release of the Limited Edition Volkswagen Passat. The company is sending it off in style.

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