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Reasons to Hire a Child Visitation Lawyer in Carlsbad, CA

Divorces are almost always stressful. When children are involved, working out all of the details of the separation can be downright harrying. It’s important for divorced parents to respect each others’ rights to spend time with children, but unfortunately, not all parents who hold primary custody feel that way.

When one parent has primary custody, the other parent is typically offered visitation rights so that he or she can still participate in the child’s life. A Child Visitation Lawyer in Carlsbad CA can represent his or her client’s interests as visitation schedules are determined, but that’s not all child visitation lawyers do. Read on to find out about a few other common reasons that divorced parents may need to hire a lawyer regarding visitation rights.

Negotiating Changes to the Visitation Agreement

Whether divorcing couples have come up with visitation schedules that are mutually beneficial to both parties through mediation or litigation has been required to establish a visitation agreement there may eventually be a reason to make changes to this agreement.

If a custodial parent wants to move with his or her child, for example, it’s often necessary to make substantial changes to the visitation agreement and to seek consent from the non-custodial parent. This is more easily accomplished with the help of a lawyer.

Filing Paperwork

The only way that visitation agreements can be legally modified is by reopening the agreement and requesting an amendment, which must be approved by the court. A Child Visitation Lawyer in Carlsbad CA can draw up this paperwork, avoiding potential problems.

Violations of Visitation Rights

If a custodial parent is refusing to let his or her spouse see the child according to the established visitation schedule, a lawyer can help. Similarly, if a non-custodial parent is refusing to bring the child back from his or her visit on time it might be a good idea for the custodial parent to hire a lawyer.

Get Started Today

Whether readers are looking for a lawyer who can help them enforce an existing visitation agreement or modify it to meet a child’s changing needs, it’s best to take action immediately. Visit us online or get in touch today to schedule a consultation.

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