A Hen Night in Newcastle Offers Health Benefits

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Party Planner

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While most women wouldn’t consider going out with the girls, drinking alcohol, and having fun to be healthy, studies have shown that it could be. Hen nights in Newcastle allow all the girls to get together before the big event. Men aren’t included, which means the ladies can let down their hair, go a little crazy, and have other women around them to ensure safety. While there are parties that include men, called Sten parties, you can have a female-only event so that you can all relax without having to behave appropriately for both sexes.


When women gather together they draw power and strength from each other. It’s a beautiful thing, but most people won’t see it. You just know that you feel invincible and your stress levels are reduced.

Burn off Calories

You may have been stress eating, whether you’re the bride-to-be or another member of the wedding party. Going to a VIP club is exciting, and it can help you burn some extra calories if you get out on the dance floor and wiggle yourself into a sweat. Those who prefer to wear heels may also find that their lower legs become more toned because of the extra challenge of dancing/hopping in heels. Just be careful that you don’t break bones or sprain your ankle while having fun.


While some people may have issues with alcohol abuse or can’t drink because of a medical condition, those who drink responsibly may find that alcohol has benefits. They say red wines can offer protection from heart disease while some studies have shown that moderate drinking can reduce your risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Regardless, alcohol can help you lower your inhibitions enough that you feel comfortable dancing and letting loose.

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